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“Project success starts well before a contract is executed or a shovel turns dirt”

Often projects fail before they even begin. At Vision Infrastructure we believe that your project’s potential for success starts from the pre-tender phase. Too often at the end of a project, and when all is said and done, we reflect on our projects and they suffer from the same fate, ‘we priced it wrong’, ‘we didn’t have the right commercial structure’, ‘the program didn’t have enough float’ or ‘we didn’t have the right delivery strategy’.  Let our experts be your experts and help you get in front of these problems before they arise.


Our Advisory and Tender Support teams, through their intimate market knowledge, can help increase your chances of not only successfully winning a bid, but winning it on terms that will allow your business and projects to deliver on time and on budget.


We can provide a fully integrated service or provide peer review in the following:​

  • Project and tender delivery advice

  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis

  • Due diligence and peer review

  • Bankability assessments

  • Growth and strategy advice

  • Tender and bid management

  • Project development management

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