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Get to know: Kelly Linton

Kelly Linton joined Vision Infrastructure in April 2022 and has already made a significant impact on our organization's continued success. As an accomplished Commercial Manager with qualifications in construction management, project management and law, which is complimented by extensive experience in managing complex projects, Kelly is passionate about achieving high-quality outcomes and leveraging her expertise to deliver exceptional results.

With a unique perspective gained from working on both the client and contractor side of various projects, Kelly has successfully managed projects across all phases of delivery, from pre-bid and procurement to project close out. Her approach focuses on minimising risk and maximising performance, ensuring that project outcomes are achieved efficiently and effectively. She has a keen ability to align contract proposals with client needs, helping to negotiate favourable terms for greater project performance.

Kelly thrives in complex and challenging environments, consistently demonstrating her ability to lead and motivate commercial teams to achieve project goals. She is an excellent communicator and is skilled at building positive relationships with clients, consultants, and contractors. Kelly's particular strength in growing revenue by refining offers to key customers ensures that all project deliverables are met to the highest standard.

Kelly's industry knowledge and approachable nature make her a valuable team member, always willing to listen to feedback and work collaboratively with her team to ensure that projects are delivered to the highest standard. Her passion for her work and commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes make her a highly respected and sought-after Commercial Manager.

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