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Harmony Week 21-27 March 2022

The 2022 Harmony Week message is ‘Everyone Belongs’, and is a celebration of Australia’s multiculturalism and the inclusive integration of migrants into our communities. With around 45% of Australians born overseas or with at least one parent who was born overseas, Harmony Week is a great way for workplaces to showcase and acknowledge the cultural diversity of its people.

Within Australia’s economic and commercial history, evidence points to the effectiveness of a culturally diverse workforce. Today, with global financial challenges, increasing labour demands and market competitiveness, there are great opportunities in making the best use of the skills and resources the culturally diverse workforce.

At Vision Infrastructure, our people have a strong sense of belonging in our workplace, and community, which not only builds engagement, but also sees our teams collaborating and working productively and innovatively for Vision and our clients.

Vision is committed to promoting awareness and inclusion of cultural differences. Our employees have connections to a broad range of cultures and because of our cultural diversity we are passionate about celebrating Harmony Week.

We are strongly committed to celebrating the diversity of all people, in order that everyone feels like they belong to our community. During Harmony Week, the Vision team will be wearing orange, talking with our children, colleagues and clients about inclusiveness and belonging and sharing recipes, stories and traditions from our individual cultures with one another.

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