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Tradies’ Health Month

August is Tradies’ Health Month and here at Vision Infrastructure, we know how important our Tradies are, to their families and the construction industry. Unfortunately, Safe Work Australia statistics state that in 2020, 36 construction workers did not make it home to their families. This statistic is further exacerbated by the fact that construction workers are 70% more likely to take their lives than employees in other industries (Bowles et. al 2020).

Safety and mental health awareness is more than a contractual and legal requirement, as the statistics show, it can be a lifesaving exercise that should be strongly encouraged across our industry. Initiatives like Tradies Health Month help to initiate and promote conversations on how behaviours towards safety and mental health can be improved. August and beyond, we are hopeful that more people within the industry will arrive home safely and feel supported and in turn, these statistics will become less alarming!

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