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“The best lawyers are those who have stood in the shoes of their client, bringing commercial pragmatism to legal solutions”

Vision Infrastructure is fully accredited to provide independent legal advice to its clients, providing a complete commercial and legal solution. We offer top-tier expertise without the focus on billables, allowing us to treat each of our clients with the time and attention they deserve. We have decades of combined experience dealing with intricate and complex legal issues, built up through a variety of law firm and in-house legal roles. 

We believe that the best project lawyers are lawyers who have themselves stood in the shoes of the client and owned the results of their advice. Our lawyers differentiate themselves by understanding what is expected by a business and its projects, as well as the core business drivers in resolving legal disputes.


We specialise in:​

  • Governance and risk frameworks

  • Project audit and compliance

  • Dispute resolution and negotiation

  • Litigation and arbitration

  • Security of payment claims

  • Mediation

  • Expert determination

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